DI FILTER Candela / Gentle PRO Series NEW - Sanphorus

DI FILTER Candela / Gentle PRO Series NEW


DI FILTER Candela / Gentle PRO Series NEW

$400.00 $350.00


DI Water Cartridge with Pre-Filter

Our new PRO Series DI Water Cartridge includes the Pre-Filter PLUS both necessary .

This DI Filter is 100% compatible with Candela PRO Series lasers.

sanphorus recommends the replacement of the DI Cartridge at each Preventative Maintenance service.

We recommend 2 PM services per year.


This Candela Particulate filter  will fit most Candela laser machines including:
  • GentleMax Pro
  • Gentle lase Pro
  • Gentle Yag Pro

This Candela Di Cartridge is in Brand New Condition. SANPHORUS is among the leaders in aesthetic laser parts and repairs.

This filter is keeping the water clean in the candela machine,

 replacing and keeping this filter clean can eliminate big damage to the machine and to the laser head.

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