Alexandrite and NDYag Laser Safety Glasses 755/1064nm -

Alexandrite and NDYag Laser Safety Glasses 755/1064nm


Alexandrite and NDYag Laser Safety Glasses 755/1064nm

$230.00 $175.00


Package includes: Laser Safety Eyewear (Laser Protection Glasses) for protection from Alexandrite, Yag and diode 1064, 755, 808 nm lasers.

Sanphorus offers a great variety of certified laser protective glasses for all aesthetic laser procedures.

These stylish and modern protective laser glasses come with global warranty.

Filter Name CE Wavelength OD VLT Color
CYN Yes 190-435 nm
730-1085 nm
755 nm
1064 nm
36% Green

These glasses are good to work with:

  • Alex laser 755
  • Yag Laser 1064
  • Diode Laser 808
  • Polycarbonate Laser Shield goggles-hard coated and unbreakable
  • Laser protection and absorptive dyes molded into the plastic
  • All specifications guaranteed
  • Non-reflective technology-energy is absorbed for a minimum of 10 seconds before loss of protection
  • These dyes are based on decades of research and innovation in chemistry. These will not photobleach or degrade over time
  • Unlikely surface scratches have no effect on laser protection
  • Converging protection with comfort and style


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